You can pick up extra classes for your child according to their interests and needs.

Section exercise therapy «FitKids»

Section of the general physical education of children, aimed at the comprehensive harmonious development of the child.

Chess Studio «Shah and Mat»

It is scientifically proved that if a child is early introduced into the mysterious world of chess, he is better at school.

Dance studio

Dance is a type of performing arts, the play, the content of which is embodied in musical and choreographic images.

Karate Studio «Red Dragon»

One of the most interesting styles of karate is Kekusin-kan karate-do, exciting and fascinating.

Art Therapy Studio «Kapitoshka»

Art therapy is one of the most gentle and at the same time deep methods.

Swimming Section «Little Dolphin»

Baby swimming — a trend in recent times among modern parents.

Vocals and piano

The earlier the child became acquainted with the music, the better. Early manifestation of musical abilities is observed, as a rule, in children who receive quite rich musical impressions.


Nowadays, a foreign language is a common practice based on modern and effective technologies of teaching a foreign language.