Child's Skills Development Academy

Individual approach to every child

Methods of teaching

The educational and educational process is based on the State Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan using author programs and technologies - Т.М. Bondarenko, L.G. Peterson.

The program ensures the diverse development of children from 2 to 7 years of age, taking into account their age and individual characteristics, as well as pupils' achievement of school readiness.


Changes are currently taking place in the preschool education system.

The problem of timely and high-quality preparation of preschool children for school has come to the fore. The main goals of preschool preparation are to form a pronounced internal learning motivation, to increase the level of speech development and sensory motor coordination of a child.

Our extracurricular activities

You can pick up extra classes for your child according to their interests and needs.

Our contacts

7 Shyganak street, Astana