Psychologist's Advice

We have collected topical and useful advices of the psychologist about upbringing of the child and approach to its training

Psychologist's Advice
  • Before visiing the PSEO warn in writing the Doctor of the PSOE about the peculiarities of nutrition (diet) of the Pupil and/or illness (if the child consists of «D» accounting for narrow specialists).
  • Personally bring (transfer, handing) and pick up the Pupil from the tutor.
  • Do not transfer the Pupil to persons who are not under 16 years of age, except for the presence of a written statement of the Parent, allowing to pass the Pupil to other persons defined in the application.
  • Bring the Pupil not later than 8:30 and pick up no later than 18:30.
  • Bring the Pupil in the PSEO in a neat form: clean, comfortable clothes and shoes, taking into account local and seasonal conditions, for physical training and provide a sports form for the Hall (light clothing and footwear), choreography (scales, Girls-gymnastic swimsuit, boys-T-shirt, shorts, etc.) and costumes for celebrations, events.
  • Do not bring in the PSEO Pupil with signs of bad health, bad psychological state, colds (acute runny nose, cough, body temperature), infectious diseases, open wounds, abrasions, bruises.
  • On the request of the PSEO to provide additional documents, certificates and analyses within the prescribed deadlines.
  • To Interact with the PSEO in all directions of upbringing and training of the Pupil.
  • To Promote the PSEO and to take an active part in realization of the carried out actions (birthdays, Nauryz Mayrama, New Year, etc.), and also other actions directed on moral-esthetic education of the child.
  • During the holidays and events in the PSEO, refrain from engaging third parties to conduct photo, video filming and other similar services.
  • Timely and full implementation of recommendations of psycho-pedagogical consultation and/or other specialists working with the child (tutors, psychologist, speech therapist, medical personnel, instructor on physical culture, musical Director, Teacher of visual activity, etc.).
  • Take part in the upbringing and development of the child, as well as in his pre-school preparation.
  • At the request of the management of the PSEO, be for a conversation if there are claims to the behavior of the Pupil or his progress.
  • Report changes to contact telephones and places of residence immediately.
  • Prevent physical and/or mental violence, abusive statements about the Pupil, other children, their parents and the staff of the PSEO.
  • Do not appear in the PSEO in a state of alcohol or other intoxication.