"Stars are born in the family!"

The dream that had long been in the Academy - to bring all the pupils in tandem with their families and friends onto the big stage of the city was embodied in May 2016. The schoolchildren’s palace gathered a full audience. This date will go down in the history of the annals of the Preschool organization "Academy", as a creative project of those who are not indifferent to the upbringing of the younger generation, teachers.

The unique project “Stars are born in the family!” With the involvement of the master of the Russian show, producer Lina Arifulina, gave a lesson of the disclosure of creative potential in children, parents - overcoming the fear of the public and instilling confidence in their own uniqueness. It was unforgettable! A whole generation went on stage with creative numbers - Grandfather-dad-son! Very heartwarming and unexpected performances at rallying the family, strengthening the family and now our traditions! All participants were awarded nominal cups and letters of thanks.