Senior group «Радуга»

Age: 5-6 Years

Language: Russian

 Senior group «Радуга»

About the group

The education and training of children from 5 to 6 years is aimed at their physical, mental, moral, aesthetic development, health promotion and improvement of knowledge and skills. When organizing the life of children of preschool age, it is necessary to take into account the increasing autonomy of children, the ability to control their behavior and the behavior of their peers, that is, the possibility of reducing guardianship with adults. By reducing the time for dressing, stripping, eating, washing, time is released for games, children's work, the development of their movements, and independent artistic activity.

In this group, the amount of time allocated for organized training activities increases, and the program material becomes more complex. The methods and techniques of work have a positive effect on the emotional and motor sphere of the child. The teacher must use different types of games, create conditions for the development of creativity, independence, children's volitional qualities. In the older group, the weekly workload is 17 hours, 25-30 minutes, according to the Model Curriculum. The development of the content of the upbringing and education of children of a given age is carried out through educational areas by integrating them and ensuring a subject-developing environment. Children are accompanied by 2 teachers and 1 assistant / teacher.