The average group «Ромашка»

Age: 4-5 Years

Language: Russian

The average group «Ромашка»

About the group

The solution of educational tasks in the framework of the first model - a joint activity of an adult and children - is carried out both in the form of organized educational activities, and in the form of educational activities carried out during regime moments. Organized learning activities are implemented through the integration of various activities. The children's play activity is under the control of the educator, who directs it, and sometimes takes direct part in the games. The task of the educator is to create opportunities for variable gaming activities through an appropriate object-developing environment: various toys, substitute items, materials for gaming creativity, rational placement of gaming equipment. Much attention is paid to the development of creative abilities - in the game, visual, musical, theatrical and performing activities.

The attentive, caring attitude of the teacher to children, the ability to support their cognitive activity and develop independence, the organization of various activities form the basis for the proper upbringing and full development of children in the middle group of kindergarten. The task of the educator is to create a positive emotional state of children, to organize a rational motor mode, to prevent children's fatigue by a reasonable alternation of various activities and recreation. In the middle group, organized learning activity is 14 hours per week (including 2 hours includes a variable component) for 15–20 minutes according to the Model Curriculum. Children are accompanied by 2 teachers and 1 assistant / teacher.