I younger group «Капельки»

Age: 2-3 Years

Language: Russian

I younger group «Капельки»

About the group

Continue to strengthen and maintain the health of children. Cultivate cultural and hygiene skills and self-service skills. Develop basic movements. Prevent fatigue. Along with the visual-effective thinking to form the elements of visual-figurative thinking. Develop perception, attention, memory of children. To expand the experience of orientation in the surroundings, to enrich children with various sensory impressions. To form ideas about the objects of the nearest environment, about the simplest connections between them.

Continue to develop the speech of children. Expand their vocabulary, improve the grammatical structure of speech. Learn to understand the speech of adults without visual accompaniment. Ensure that by the end of the third year of life, speech becomes a full-fledged means of communicating children with each other. The total amount of OLA in the youngest group is 9 hours per week for 7–15 minutes. Work 1 teacher, 2 assistant / teacher