Pre-school group «Семицветик»

Age: 6-7 Years

Language: Russian

Pre-school group «Семицветик»

About the group

The main goals of preschool preparation are to form a pronounced internal learning motivation, to increase the level of speech development and sensorimotor coordination in a child. In the older preschool age, the child changes dramatically: psychophysiological functions are improved, complex personal neoplasms arise, there is an intensive development of cognitive motives directly related to learning activities, a need arises for intellectual activity and the mastery of new knowledge. The content of the program is aimed at realizing the goal of preschool age education and upbringing, which provides for the creation of conditions for the disclosure of the child’s individual age potential, the formation of a system of knowledge aimed at diversifying the personality, possessing key competencies based on universal and national values, educating a creative person capable of to a positive relationship in society.

The implementation of the content of the program provides for work on the main closely related educational areas, each of which contains separate sections that have their own direction. The total amount of organized educational activities of preschool children is 20. The duration of organized educational activities is 25-30 minutes. The teacher, assistant teacher and teacher to strengthen pre-school preparation work with the children of this group.